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Loving and Hating What God Loves and Hates


I was so confused and angry when God began His work on me. My thoughts centered around His wrath and punishment, but I was wrong....

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"Our imaginations, projected as like in a mirror, suspend our attention away from concentrating on God the Father before us now..." Here are a few words on worry from James Boyce. God continues to mold and use James to help others. ...

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Seventy-Seven Times Seven


I question myself if I have truly forgiven that person(s). God’s answer to me was, “Sometimes seventy-seven times seven really is seventy-seven times seven.”...

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The Vine and the Branches

Rose Resized1

Holding onto Jesus and being pruned is necessary for the bearing of fruit in the Kingdom of God. While there is pain and seasons of pruning, just know the “gardener” is doing it to help you grow and be more useful....

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Your Life Matters


The problems people have, and the reason they sometimes feel that their life does not matter, is we all (me, you and our neighbors) have all sinned against God. However, there is Good News! Your Life Matters!...

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What is the Bible


The word “bible” simply means “book.” It has sometimes been called “The Book” or “The Good Book” because it is the most widely published book of all time and because of its content, but what exactly is the Bible?...

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Starting Over


While God continues to restart the ministries at Trinity, ask yourself, “What is God doing to restart me as an individual?” ...

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Just Tell Me What I Want to Hear


Just Tell Me What I Want to Hear...

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Seeing from Above


What if we could bring even a small bit of understanding from God’s view point into each and every daily encounter? Wouldn’t that change how we interact and relate to one another? To do that, here are some things to keep in mind....

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Tough Encounters


So, listen carefully to understand before you try to speak. This isn’t about you winning a Harvard style debate. It is about you being an ambassador for Christ....

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