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Why the Heart is Important

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Some men are men of action. Some men follow intellectual pursuits. Some men are good at relating. For some, they have to work at it more. But, whatever your actions and skill sets are, whatever your training and education may be, there is one thing more important that God focuses on, and that's your heart. In choosing David to become king over Israel, God said; TheLord...

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A Bird's Eye View


Sometimes God has to remind us that He loves all human beings. Even the ones that annoy us....

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Being Connected


We call multiple ministries at TBC "_______ Connection" for men, women, young adults, etc. But what does it mean to really be connected? Connected to a ministry? Connected to people?...

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How Are Your Priorities?


What is truly important as we navigate day to day life? Where are we focusing our time, talents and treasures when we aren't on the mountain top? ...

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A Need for Refreshing


When spiritual drought sets in ...

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Where Has Character Gone?


The necessity of Character in our world today. ...

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The King Comes to Earth


An extraordinary King among common people. ...

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A Great God

God is a great God! ...

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