A Season of Thanks?


Awe, the Holidays have come in like a whirl-wind and time has fled like a plastic bag in that wind. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve has been a blur for me.  Unfortunately, no matter how hard I have tried to protect myself from getting carried away with the holidays, I have failed.

As I sit here today just before Christmas, I have finally taken a moment to just focus on Jesus Christ and all he has done for me this year.   2019 was a year of ups and many downs (the last 6 months), but I am staring at the New Year coming and I have a zeal and Hope for the future. 

Jesus has sustained me and I am excited about the days that are to come. However, before I just blow through the tough season and Christmas, I want to take a moment and Thank God!

I was reading Luke 17: 11-19 today and just felt compelled to show gratitude and thankfulness to God. 

In this season of giving and receiving gifts, let us not forget to say thanks and be thankful toward God.   Luke 17: 11-19 is the story of ten lepers that Jesus heals of leprosy. Jesus commands them to go to the priests to be declared “clean” so they can return from isolation to society.  This short account focuses on the one (Samaritan/ none Jew) leper coming back and showing gratitude to Jesus.

How many of us are like the nine lepers that God helps and forgives and cleanses and yet, we just move forward in excitement and forget to say “Thanks God”? 

Sometimes it is so simple and a little innocent to be excited for our “new” beginning or chapter or season that we forget to tell God we appreciate Him.

This Christmas, I challenge you to be like the one leper and take the time to tell God “Thanks”. 

For the other nine lepers, it doesn’t mean they were not thankful, but it does mean something to God and all of us when someone takes the time to show appreciation.

Be thankful toward God and others and finish out the year by taking the time to show gratitude!

I hope you all have Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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