Continuous Improvement @ Trinity

Hey church,
Believe it or not but we had to cancel our workday because of . . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . SNOW!
Of course, all of you already know that. It was fun to rehash the beauty and the unexpected weather conditions of May in Colorado. All that to say, we still have projects we need to get done to help enhance and take care of our property.
I’m going to publish a list both on email and in a ‘sign up’ link on our website to help finish some of these projects. What we are asking is that you pick one of the items and in your own free time, run by the church and complete the project.
First of all, that will make sure that no ONE person gets stuck doing the work.
Secondly, it gives you an excuse to get outside and enjoy the WARM Colorado weather
that is forecasted for the near future. Finally, it helps our grounds and facility look great. I’m always blown away by the sacrifice of our church. You all (or more aptly, all of you!) are amazing and always pour out your time and energy to help keep Trinity rolling.
We will have a signed up sheet or maybe we’ll call it a completion sheet on a clipboard resting on top of the shelving by the back door across from the office. Please cross off the project you have completed so that others will know that the job has been done. As you will soon see, there are not a ton of things to do but each one is vital.
In advance, I want to say ‘THANKS!’ Our facilities will continue to be nice, and inviting and demonstrate that we do care about the appearance. YOU ALL and ALL of YOU are amazing! Thank you for consistently giving to the Lord!
--Pastor Bart
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