Youth Group

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Every Wednesday

5:45pm – 6:45pm

Category: Youth | Coordinator: Kyle Poole

Teenage Bible Study (6th through 12th). 


A time for teens to take a break from the drama and stress of life. This is a time to be refreshed and safe. With SO many students experiencing dark and hard lives in our surrounding communities, we must guard this time to help each other and learn about God and ask questions.

Pastor Kyle prays that the group would:

#1 Believe in Jesus as Lord and that He can help them now. #2 Belong to the kingdom of God and belong to our church (we all play a part in this) #3 Become the people God created us to be,

While the Standards of Conduct are posted online, we strive to work together in love and grace and to help each other as we journey through the teenage years of life. However, we must keep the place safe.

Simple expectations mentioned every night:


  • God
  • Building
  • Each Other


Remember, this is a time to grow in the Lord and to grow together as a group. 

We are currently a smaller group with our larger nights being about 15 students. It is a nice and safe environment with opportunities to connect with other teens. We would like to invite your teens to our Wednesday Night Youth Group.   


Photo by Emmanuel Olguín on Unsplash


Join us Sundays at 10:30 AM