Virtual Youth Group

COVID-19 has effected the way we meet!

We are now meeting as a group but bring a mask and help maintain social distancing.


Here is Pastor Kyle Poole with Wednesady Night Bible Studies

4_1_20- We are living in an unusal time with unusal circumstances. We will have to love and show kindess and forgiveness more than normal!

4/8/20 - There are quite a few things to worry about right now. God wants us to trust him. God also wants us to do our part. 

4/15/20 - Jesus wants us to Pray and be Persistent!


4/22/20 - The Lord's Prayer. We've mentioned the Lord's prayer the last few weeks. Tonight we focus on the Lord's Prayer and how to apply it. 


5/6/20 - Mother's Day Lesson. Tonight we focus on how God values motherhood and encourage you to show appreciation to your mother. 


5/13/20 - Bizzare Little Things That Matter to God.  Tonight, Pastor Kyle uses two unusal scripture passages to show that God cares about small things. 


5/20/20 - Virtual Youth Group- We focus on Luke 14:16-24. Remember that God invites people into a relationship and life with Him, however, if we choose not to accept it, He will continue to move and seek those that will. We miss you all. We hope ALL is well.


5/27/20 - The cost of following Jesus.   Tonight we look at Luke 14:25-33. Jesus is upfront that following Him is not going to be easy. So ask yourself, "What am I willing to give up for Jesus?" Jesus may not ask you to give parts or your whole life up, but if he did, would you do it?

6/3/20  Debrief and Prayer - Tonight we look at 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 and pray for circumstances in the United States.

6/10/20 Stay Humble and Give God Your Heart - Tonight I am reminded about a parable we looked at last year at Church Camp. Ultimately, it is not about your deeds but your heart that matters to God. 

6/17/20 No Youth Group Lesson - On June 18th Student Life Ministries will be providing a link for a "camp experience" Night of Worship. We will provide that link and that will be this week's Youth Group!  

6/18/20 - Student Life Ministries Live Worship Event

6/24/20  Parable of the Tares - Tonight we will take a look in Matthew 13. This is one of the more serious and tough parts of scripture that Jesus taught. We all have a choice. Which seed are you?

7/1/20 Parable of the Mustard Seed - Tonight we look at how small things can have big impacts on the environment around them. Luke 13:18-21.

7/8/20 The Parable of the Net - Tonight we continue in Matthew Chapter 13. This parable piggy-backs last wee's lesson. Are we as the church telling people about Jesus? Are we trying to separate sinners from saints? What is our job as the church?

7/15/20 A Look at Matthew 13:44-46 - Tonight we discuss the Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl. What is treasure? What do you think is the truth behind these parables? Scripture references of Matthew 13:44-46 and Philippians 3:7-9. Supplemental activity from Parables by Scott Firestone IV.

7/22/20 Prayer and our "Helper" - Tonight we take a break from the Parables and talk about the Holy Spirit and Prayer.

7/29/20 The Prodigal Son - Tonight we take a quick look at Luke 15:11-32. What is Jesus teaching us about the the Kingdom of Heaven?

8/5/20 The Rich Man and Lazarus - Tonight we look at Luke 16:19-31. 

8/12/20 The Two Sons - Tonight we will look at Matthew 21:28-32. Jesus tells a story about two sons. What is the spiritual significance? Where are each of disobedient to God? What do we need to do today to get on track and to grow?

8/19/20 Student Life MInistries Live Event Replay 

8/26/20 Parable if the bags of Gold - Tonight we look at Matthew 25:14-30. What are your abilities? What has God given you to help in the Kingdom of God? Are you going to do something?

9/2/20 Admission into Heaven - Tonight we look at how to gain access to heaven and the impact that can have on your life on earth. Romans 3:23-24; 5:1-11. The object lesson show is from Children's Ministry Deals and given for streaming (through the purchase of materials) as long as it is included in the service/lesson.


9/9/20 Looking Out For Each Other - Tonight we'll discuss why and how God wants us to look out for each other. Tonight we will discuss this further. Object Lesson Provided by Children's Ministry Deals for streaming within a lesson/service.

9/16/20 More Influences Than Bad? While we are commanded to forgive others, there may be people or things we need to move away from in life. Tonight we will discuss this further. Object Lesson Provided by Children's Ministry Deals for streaming within a lesson/service.

9/23/20 It Is Time To Pray Tonight we will discuss starting up again for the fall of 2020 and we will discuss prayer and will pray for the Youth Group. 

10/01/20 Recap of Youth Group from 9/30/20

Regular Youth Meetings are happening Weekly; Various Videos will be added on occasion. 


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