Youth Ministry

Youth Group Standards of Conduct Policy

While trying to create fun, relevant, and exciting activities for students, we must also create a safe environment where students can grow and exercise their faith. Therefore, we have created policies to address the following areas mentioned below. We expect all students to abide by the Standards of Conduct Policy while attending any Trinity Baptist Church (TBC) events. The Youth Group is available to students 6th grade through 12th grade. Once a student has graduated High School or is over the age of 18 and not attending H.S., the student will have to move to more age-appropriate programs at TBC. The first week of August will be an elevation week. It is at this time when all students move up a grade level. It is also at this time that students too old for youth group will no longer be allowed to attend Youth Group events. They will be allowed to apply to become a youth leader, but they will be subject to the normal volunteer selection process; No guarantees will be made.

Umbrella Expectations of Conduct:

The Big Three

  1. Respect God
  2. Respect Other People and their Property
  3. Respect the Building

Definitions of areas/policies that fall under The Big Three

A. Disruptions during teaching times

We all enjoy a good time, joking, and having fun. During the teaching time, no matter who the speaker is, students are expected to not disrupt the teacher or the other students. If the student is not interested in the lesson, we ask that they politely sit quietly until the lesson is over. We ask cell phones to be put away at this time (20-30min).

B.  Leaving the presence of the youth ministry leaders/ One-on-one talks with leaders

Sometimes students try to leave the supervisory presence of youth leaders so they can avoid group activities, talk on the cell phone, smoke, couple off, or leave the premises. No student is permitted to isolate him/herself while attending TBC youth events. If a specific situation occurs that may require special treatment it is the student’s responsibility to arrange it by a youth leader first. Failure to do so will result in the proper disciplinary action (defined later in the document).


If students need to leave early, we ask that they tell the Youth Leaders and sign-out for the evening giving a record of attendance and the reason for leaving early.


In addition, One-on-one talks with youth leaders will not occur behind closed doors unless two leaders are present. If a conversation needs to occur between opposite genders of a student or leader then, the leader will have to either hand off the conversation or will ask another leader of similar gender to sit-in.


Meetings with Youth Leaders outside of TBC will have to be arranged and permitted by the student’s Legal Guardian.  If a youth leader shows up at school without your knowledge of a meeting, you are not to go with them until confirmed by a Legal Guardian. This is in place to protect the students. (All Youth Leaders have background checks, but this a boundary to provide extra protection for the students)

 C.  Use of electronic devices

Again, students are asked to put away cell phones during teaching time (20-30min). Some students use the “community computer” for homework. Students are expected to use the computer in a proper manner. This computer will be subject to random software checks. Abuse that occurs with the computer and cell phones will result in Wi-Fi being shut off during youth events and the computer will be locked up. Any criminal/ cyberbullying activity traced to TBC IP addresses will be handed over to the Aurora Police Dept. and the individual(s) involved will be liable to the investigation of the Police.

D.  Inappropriate clothing

Students are not permitted to wear clothing that is sexually suggestive and revealing. This includes excessively ripped clothing, sagging pants, and tank tops/spaghetti straps thinner than 2in. wide. Shorts shorter than mid-thigh/ fingertip reach when arms are rested. Any wardrobe that reveals excessive amounts of skin. Any see-through clothing. Having students properly covered is required for the safety of the student. Wearing the proper clothing is showing respect to God, others, and the building as well. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary actions.


Students will be shown grace for clothing containing vulgar material on their first/second visit. Youth leaders may ask the student to not wear these kinds of vulgar/evil shirts in the future as respect for God and the building. Repeated offenses will be subject to disciplinary actions.


E.  Use/possession of tobacco, illegal drugs, vapors, or alcohol

Any student under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs or alcohol will be reported to their legal guardians and The Aurora Police department may be contacted. Youth group is available for students 6th grade through 12th grade. Minors in Possession will be not be tolerated (this includes tobacco).


Trinity Baptist Church grounds do not permit Smoking.  This includes tobacco, vaporizers, electric cigarettes, and any other smoking devices.


The use or possession of other tobacco substances are also prohibited on TBC grounds during the youth group.

 F.  Physically Bullying or Fighting and Weapons

In an attempt to create a safe environment, any students who engage in physical bullying or fighting will be subject to immediate disciplinary action.

Rough-housing is also discouraged as we have had experiences of it getting out of hand. 


Weapons will not be permitted on TBC grounds.

 G.  PDA, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment

We understand that students will date. Holding hands and quick hugs are fine. Students are expected not to have inappropriate/unwanted touching. Physical displays of affection that include: kissing, full-embraced body hugs, sitting on laps, lying or sleeping-next-to-each other, bathroom hookups, isolated couples, etc. will not be acceptable while attending TBC events.

H.  Divisiveness, Language, and Arguing

Students are expected to show respect toward each other and youth leaders. We understand sometimes arguing and contention can occur with students, but excessive or repeated offensives will not be tolerated. We understand that not all students are Christians and are used to speaking a certain way, but while on the TBC grounds students will be expected to show respect to God, other people, and the building by refraining from explicit language. Students will be expected to listen to youth leaders in an attempt to keep a peaceful and safe environment. Disciplinary actions may be taken if needed.


I.  Respecting other people’s property

The Bible and the civil law are clear that stealing is not acceptable. Students are expected to leave other people’s property alone. The physical church building also falls in this category. Damages/theft of the property of others and to TBC will be subject to disciplinary actions. These actions may include legal action by the Aurora Police Dept.


Disciplinary Action

 Pending the severity of the offense, students that fail to follow the Standard Conduct Policy while attending a TBC event may be disciplined by redirection of the youth leaders, notifying the legal guardians, being sent home at student’s expense, cooling-off periods* may be handed out, and if needed the Aurora Police may be called. Continuous offenses may result in a student being suspended indefinitely.

*Cooling-off periods- the time period in which a student is suspended from TBC activities from 1 to multiple weeks as needed. Repeated offenses may be subject to an indefinite suspension.

TBC does not want to “kick out” students from church, but in extreme cases, the safety of the group will be considered and a student may need to move on from TBC. In these cases, the church leadership, legal guardians, and local authorities may be involved in making this decision.


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