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Mark 12:30, 31



Lilies, Sparrows, and a Turkey

It didn’t matter to God how these people ended up in their situation. He still heard their prayer and provided.

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Real Joy

Do you understand joy? Do you experience it? How can we as Christians find real joy in our lives? For that matter, what is true, authentic joy?

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Why the Heart is Important

Some men are men of action. Some men follow intellectual pursuits. Some men are good at relating. For some, they have to work at it more. But, whatever your actions and skill sets are, whatever your training and education may be, there

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Mon Dec 24

Christmas Eve Service

Joy to the World! Jesus provides joy that lasts forever!

Sat Dec 29

Game Night with TBC's Young Adults

Fun, Food & Fellowship!

Sun Dec 30

Feliz Navidad

Holiday Dinner


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