TBC Music

In our current place at Trinity, we have not recorded our versions of the songs. This is not something we are able to do at this time because of the logistics and legality of this process. However, we have a Spotify and YouTube playlist (thanks to Sam Ford) with the same songs the original artists sing.
You are welcome to use these; hopefully, they will bless you during the week. Your clicks on these songs should also help the artists themselves. Doing it this way allows you to use them for personal use.
In addition, there are some playlists of Children's Music and one for the Youth. Over the last five years, at one point or another, the students have encountered a lot of these songs in the classrooms or at camps, and some have been heard at events like Skate City.
For corporate use, we are limited to the ones we purchase licensing to use. Still, for you personally, on YouTube, your students can revisit the songs they sang in previously mentioned settings. We hope your family can use these in your daily walk with the Lord. 
TBC YouTube Worship Playlist
Youth Ministry Playlist (Spotify) from Camp 2023https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4JV9bBps7cIoxOMgHqfR6g?si=80b78eaa551245d8
Thanks for everything, Trinity.

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